Angela brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial experience with a deep understanding of how plants and food can be the key to a healthy life. Her career began in real estate sales and continued with the development of a number of pioneering online marketing ventures. For a time, she also pursued her passion as an artist in oil painting, and had her own successful studio in Vancouver.

At the invitation of her brother, Charles, she worked with her family to create and grow Living Harvest.  She is also actively involved in the operations of Conscious Planet. Apart from her management skill and expertise in accounting, when faced with her own health challenges she sought to learn more about the healing arts and the relationship of food and plants to health. Following intensive study with Rosemary Gladstar and at the Dominion Herbal College, she became a chartered herbalist and clinical practitioner.

In her current role managing the office, logistics and finances of Hempco, her training as a herbalist and extensive knowledge of the health food and supplement industry helps her meet the needs of her loyal customers while playing a key role in the growth of Hempco. She says that the opportunity to work with her family to build an exciting business that will contribute to the world in a positive way is perhaps the best choice she has ever made.