Charles grew up in a hard working, blue-collar family in Winnipeg, where he was an honour student, president of his class and an accomplished athlete. The family moved to Vancouver Island and, working alongside his father, Charles discovered his love for entrepreneurship. Together they developed property, created hydroponic greenhouses and went on to focus on the health industry at large.

Charles began his life’s mission in his mid 20s, when his “driven to excel” personality created serious health challenges which forced him to make major lifestyle changes to regain his health. He became a vegetarian, detoxified and averted an impending colostomy operation. This triggered an intense desire to understand the cause and correction of disease. Years of research and mentorship with some of the greatest nutritionists led Charles on a search for the ultimate food source for humans –specifically a vegan protein source. He found it in the mighty hemp seed. Charles founded Living Harvest and later added Hempco Canada as a strategic vertical alignment. Now the world’s premier hemp seed food company, Hempco introduced many innovative processing and products “firsts:”  hemp protein powder, Achiva protein concentrate, non-dairy products like hemp milk and ice cream, and even Hemphuel, a biodiesel lubricant.

This was not enough for Charles. Dissatisfied with off-the-shelf health products, misleading marketing and mediocre ingredient suppliers, Charles and his wife Wind launched Conscious Planet in 2005 – a “do it yourself” retreat center level educational program and a complete health rejuvenating product line. Today, Charles teaches and speaks on health and wellness, and he and his wife and family are working to take Hempco (and now PlanetHemp®) global.