Symentha Holmes

Symentha is the passionate younger sister with the big heart.  On a mission to inspire and empower the world by sharing her own journey from sickness to wellness, her vision is big and bold as she strives to help heal the world with hemp.

After years of being a model, recording and performing artist, an actor and professional bartender, Symentha’s  health took a turn for the worst. Suffice it to say, hemp came to the rescue.

Going from slinging bar drinks to sharing hemp shakes, she followed the lead of her big brother, took her health into her own hands and did a health make-over.  She became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, a Hypnotherapist, studied Taoism and Qi gong and became a health coach. Today, she works closely with her family and the PlanetHemp® team to share her story, knowledge and healthy cooking prowess—using hemp food, of course!

Symentha recently launched her booklet, Bringing Hemp Home, is soon launching her second booklet, Hardwired for Hemp, and started an online hub to support those who would like to use hemp food products to ignite their own health transformations.