Tony Reeves, Managing Director, PlanetHemp Europe Ltd

Tony is responsible for PlantHemp’s European expansion as we strive to deliver PLANETHEMP® products on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tony has spent his career working in the food and associated sectors, initially as a scientist supporting the farming community within the UK Government’s Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Ministry. It was there that  he discovered an entrepreneurial talent and left to start his own product testing business—achieving key supplier status with many of the UK’s main food companies. Later he became Sales & Marketing Director of one of Europe’s leading providers of ingredient innovation, product development, legislation and consumer research services to the global food industry with a client base covering more than 60 countries. Most recently, he led the development and launch of a new vegetarian product range achieving substantial listings within both health food and general store chains including the UK’s largest multiple retailer.

Having a first-hand understanding of how food is produced, processed and presented has driven his personal interest in making a real difference to people’s lives through improving their diet and nutrition. Tony’s business focus is Sales & Marketing, enhanced by an MBA from Warwick Business School, England.